“Throw yourself at the ground and miss” -Douglas Adams

I read a funny article from the Science Creative Quarterly site on how to fly:


They quote author Douglas Adams as saying that in order to fly you must throw yourself at the ground and miss.

HA! It is poignant. Don’t I spend a lot of the time hoping I won’t fall flat on my face. But in moving forward, I tend to keep my eyes squarely on the path just in front of me. Even at work, it is sort of a joke that I walk head down very quickly, intent on getting to wherever I am headed. Often missing those waving frantically at me, “Melissa!Look up!!”

I have even teased my friends about walking soooo slowly. I just get so ready to be there, I don’t want to take my time.

So for me, aiming at the ground makes perfect sense. It’s the missing part I’m thinking on…

Sometimes it has felt like that ground just jumped right up on top of me! I know you know what I mean.

Sometimes I do walk slowly on purpose, and I notice this forces me to be in tune with myself: my body, my breathing, my thoughts. And, I do not always like it. It is much more comfortable for me to be so hurried I do not have time to connect with myself or others.

Well, thank you to those two gals at work (you know who you are) for slowing me down. For waiting for me outside the door of a stressful meeting and not letting me isolate. As I rushed by them, frantic just wanting to go outside where I could breathe – but they intentionally waited for me…and made me wait for them so I didn’t miss their support.

For sitting with me when I need to be quiet, but knowing making myself all alone is not good.

For helping me miss the ground that day.

I wonder what would happen if I looked up more often? I wonder what, or rather, who am I missing?
Thanks for reading…and, fly with all your might.


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