Taking the High Road

What a week! More changes every time I look around. I want to just bury my head in the ground! I know, everyone says change is good, growth happens with change.

But, I find it to be utterly exhausting to be in a state of constant change if I do not take time to just be.

So, a friend and I took the opportunity this week to decompress before hitting it hard again.

So, we decided to drive. Just drive. Music on, sun shining…and the quiet of the road. Leaving behind the politics and stress of our day.

The nice thing was we actually had somewhere to go, but we enjoyed pretending we did not. It is good to pretend, to visualize what we want, despite how things really are.

And, as we were looking for our destination, following the tiny map on her phone, winding through beautify houses & trees – and there it was…”Turn right on High Road.”

We just doubled over laughing! Literally we were on the High Road in Austin. Headed to the Lake.  We joked every day after when in a stressful moment, time to take our “High Road”!!

Now, what is more appealing than a High Road that spills you down onto a beautiful, sun-sparkling lake surrounded by trees? If only every High Road ended this way.

I have found for me, a lot of times taking the High Road means to make a choice. I may not like my options. But, as all of us know, that is proverbially life.

I come to a place in a relationship, conversation, meeting, etc. where I must decide – do I keep going down this way of  “I must be right” – or do I stop and take the High Road.

Drive quietly through it so that I may listen. Really listen. To my own heart as well as those around me. What do I need? To be heard? To be validated? Is that something I can get in this moment?

Sometimes for me taking that High Road is choosing to listen instead of talk.  And, I don’t always get what I want (who does?!) but I get the peace of having heard myself and if I am lucky, someone else.

This immediately calms me down in those situations where I feel the ever pressing burden of feeling responsible for it all. Everyone around me, all the tasks around me. Truth is, I am not. But, I keep thinking when I am 90 (Good Lord willing), and I look back – I believe what I will recall as important are the people I listened to. I can learn so much this way.

Which often makes me think throughout my day, the “things” I need to get done aren’t always the list I have in front of me, but the relationships along the way.

I am an artist. Even though I don’t have the credentials to prove it (YET!), I will display this creativity in every possible way I can.

Now for the Creative Quickie Read of the Day: 

Amazing artistic infographic resumes!


I know I am loved, I am beyond measure blessed, and I have much to offer. Now to shed the fear of offering myself.

As always, thanks for reading.



  1. I love you sister! Your words have always inspired me. YOU have always inspired me, my entire life! I am so pleased that others too will get to be inspired by you as well. I am so proud of you! Love, Jenna


  2. As the ol saying goes: Would you rather be Right or be Happy.
    And yes I have been reading your posts.
    As always these things are easier said than done. I shall neither forget the past or nor choose to live in it.

    There are regrets and hurts, I give those to God and leave them with Him, he has granted me forgiveness on all accounts. As I look towards Providence I try to leave the what if’s out of my life now. I have found that to forgive is peace.
    Moving forward will happen whether we realize it or not. Just know that I love you, and you are not alone.

    Love, Dad


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