The Song that Changed my Life

Heart-shaped cloud

Heart-shaped cloud (Photo credit: aivas14)

A little over a year ago, one Sunday morning, I was driving along the beautiful back roads of Texas. It was my favorite road: winding, quiet, bordered by farmland complete with horses, cattle, sheep, goats. The early morning sun cast sparkling light on the dew drenched grass, creating just pure shine. It was the only place I could feel any peace.

I don’t know why it took me moving all the way back to Texas to end up on that road to find the beginning of my healing. I just know that it did.

My heart was tight with pain and anger. When would I ever feel better instead of worse? I was still grasping to make sense of things that just did not make sense.

When no one can reach me and I don’t even want to talk with God, songs always get in. Truly amazes me.

So, I put in a c.d. I recently bought about songs to help raise awareness about the tragedy of Human Trafficking. And, as the song played, my heart felt warmed and started to release: and that pinching over my heart I’d had for about 3 years because I just could not cry – started to let up and tears spilled out of me.

Wanted, releasing tears!

A Farm Road Just Outside Winchester

A Farm Road Just Outside Winchester (Photo credit: neilalderney123)

It starts off just as sad as I was. But, the ending…ah, that ending. Was exactly what my heart was craving – hope and crisp belief that I’d be stronger because of all this.

I realized on that road – I was ready to pursue the end of this pain.

That did not come quickly or easily, but by God’s grace – it came. And, that’s what matters to me.

The song sounds like it is about dying, but truly in dying to the way we have been – we can truly come alive in newness. That’s what it’s about.

Come to find out, the song is based on Revelation 21:4. That’s highly significant to me because back in college, I had a horrible time of things one semester – and found that verse. It comforted me to no end. Look how it came back to me. Remarkable.

I don’t care what anyone says, words can change a heart – especially the Holy words.

My favorite lines – such artistic writing – caught my attention:

“There are those who know sorrow, and those who must borrow,

And, those whose lot in life is sweet.

When I’m drunk on self pity, scorn all that’s been given me,

I would drink from a bottle labeled sure defeat.”

As I drove, these words are where my healing began:

“Then the skies, they fell open,

And, my eyes were opened to a world of hope falling at my feet.

Now I’ve no more or less than anyone else has

What I have is a gift, a life I cannot repeat.”

check it out for yourself: (ignore the cheesy angel pictures in the video):

What song has changed your life?



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