Tender and Free

On this Christmas Eve morning, I want to take just a minute to say “It’s Alive!” My heart, that is. With the celebration near of the birth of baby Jesus, my heart has been more tender than it has in years. Crying freely with gratitude and humility, I am thoughtful of His presence in my life and the lives of those around us.

I’ve been so busy simply adjusting to the softness of my heart, I haven’t blogged. After having such hardness for so long, this is coming as a bit of a surprise. At first, I was like, Oh no! What’s the matter with me, I keep crying. Then, I heard His soft voice say, It’s ok, I am here. And, the fresh tears were cleansing and renewing. And, for the first time, I embraced them.

heart in sidewalk

heart in sidewalk (Photo credit: Escalla)

With much sensitivity, I say I am so thankful for the healing in my heart. As I know, many others are still in so much pain they cannot see straight. I pray that the God of love wrap His arms around all of you in despair, in hardness of heart due to too much life happening to them, or those who are simply feeling a void inside of them. And, that He meets you where you are – simply where you are.

I wish I had answers to the many Why’s of the loss you’re experiencing, or that I could make sense of it all. I can’t, but just know I cry with you, I sympathize. You are not alone. Keep going. Do not give up seeking a whole, healed heart. It is for you.

May the New Year bring true newness.

From my husband and mine’s FAVORITE ban, some tender music for this day:

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