Can Music Change Your Life? Day 7 of 7

I can honestly say that music has changed my life and continues to do so. It has been a way for me to connect, or forget about my pain for a few minutes, or remember what is important to me.

I think that’s why flash mobs are so impacting. If you’ve ever watched one where they break out in song, eventually until they overtake the location with all these singers. You see total strangers stop – and engage. Sometimes smiling, sometimes crying – but most seeming to be moved. Music does that. It reaches inside and creates something beautiful if only for a few minutes. And, we forget what was bothering us.

Day 7 video is fittingly called “Beautiful Ending” by Barlow Girl. I hope you enjoy it.


Can Music Change Your Life? Day 6 of 7 (video at bottom of post)

“And, the chaos in my life, has been the badge I’ve worn.

And, though I have been torn, I will not be moved.” – Natalie Grant


This is a GREAT running song. Let me tell you, once you taste the freedom of a healed heart,of a changed life, of a whole soul, you fight for it.You become resolved to not be moved from it.I guarantee someone you know is in a battle for themselves.Maybe it’s you.I don’t know, but I know that our best defense is support and the resolve to never stop.

Day 6 song is “I will not be moved” by Natalie Grant:

Can Music Change Your Life? Day 5 of 7 (song at bottom of post)

“You can hold your head up high, cause I’ll make everything alright.

I’m committed to you smiling again.” -Israel Houghton

(you can hear the song at the bottom of page)

Sometimes all we need to hear is that we are not forgotten. That someone sees our pain & our heart.

Here you go:

Day 5 song is “You are not forgotten” by Israel Houghton

Can Music Change Your Life? Day 4 of 7

The joy of the Lord is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10)

One of my all time go-to songs for encouragement…there is something undeniably powerful in believing there’s a God, that’s He loves me & He is watching out for me.

In those times of pure attack from the enemy, I have questioned His strength & presence. I cannot deny He is helping me overcome and heal. Because no matter how much I tried, until I asked for His help, the pain did not let up.

There is so much I still cannot explain nor understand.

But, for today, I sing…

Can Music Change Your Life? Day 3 of 7

“A badly tuned ukulele in a refugee camp would sound like a grand piano”.-Patch Adams (click to read more about Patch’s thoughts on Music Therapy)

Day 3’s song is The Alabaster Box by CeCe Winans. She sings of the story from Luke 7:36 – a woman who brings her box of costly oil kept in an alabaster box to pour on to the feet of Jesus. None of us know what pain she is facing, but her act of such humility is hard to not be touched by.

I discovered this song years ago, when I was learning what it meant to choose to praise in the midst of pain. We all have things that cost us much that we put into our boxes, and to have the courage to take them out – well, there is sacrifice in that.

Only we ourselves truly understand the strength it takes to share what we’ve stored for so long. And, the wisdom it takes to share it with someone strong enough to handle it all.

Can Music Change Your Life? Day 2 of 7

“We pray that this song continues to help people heal as music should, so if you’ve ever had pain or suffering this is for you.”

-Karin Bergquist, lead singer of Over the Rhine

Day 2 video below is one very dear to my heart. The beautiful lyrics & melody reached me on an early morning drive on a country farm road. I felt most alone & defeated.

I had stopped journaling and singing to music. My soul was weary – and met a new friend that day in this song. I love how this song starts off as sad I was feeling, but that the hope swells through the melody & lyrics. It is contagious.


I thought I’d go up Poughkeepsie,
look out o’er the Hudson,
and I’d throw my body down on the river.
And I’d know no more sorrow,
I’d fly like the sparrow
and I’d ride on the backs of the angels tonight.

I’d ride on the backs of the angels tonight.
I’d take to the sky with all my might.
No more drowning in my sorrow,
no more drowning in my fright,
I’d just ride on the backs of the angels tonight.

There are those who know sorrow
and those who must borrow
and those whose lot in life is sweet.
Well I’m drunk on self-pity,
scorned all that’s been given me,
I would drink from a bottle labeled Sure Defeat.

I’d ride on the backs of the angels tonight.
I’d take to the sky with all my might.
No more drowning in my sorrow,
no more drowning in my fright,
I’d just ride on the backs of the angels tonight.

Then the skies, they fell open
and my eyes were opened
to a world of hope falling at my feet.
Now I’ve no more or less
than anyone else has,
what I have is a gift of life I can’t repeat.

So I go up Poughkeepsie,
look out o’er the Hudson
and I cast my worries to the sky.
Now I still know sorrow,
but I can fly like the sparrow
’cause I ride on the backs of the angels tonight.

I ride on the backs of the angels tonight.
I take to the sky with all their might.
No more drowning in my sorrow,
no more drowning in my fright,
I’ll just ride on the backs of the angels each night

Can Music Change Your Life? Day 1 of 7

Can music change your life? Yes, I believe it can.

About a year and a half ago I started an experiment with myself. Music Therapy. This week I’ll post a different song each day that has met me where I am. I know how much words can impact us.

And, for me, music always speaks to me. I decided to flood my mind and heart with music that spoke to my desire to break free from the past & have LIFE. So, I would stay up into the night seeking those songs that spoke to my heart and where I was and wanted to be.

I updated my morning alarm to one song (posted below). I listened as much as I could at work with my ear buds on, in my car, in my living room, on my walks/jogs…anytime I could get the music in.

I connected, and sure enough – after about 1 month of this dedicated change of what I was putting into myself, I could feel my heart softening.

Of course, this was in addition to many other things I was doing as well – but, for a hardened heart, to connect is like sweet relief because there is still hope for me!

Music reaches me faster than anything.

These people say it so well (this information is found on the American Music Therapy Association site)

Ida Goldman (90-year-old testifying at Senate hearings):  “Before I had surgery, they told me I could never walk again. But when I sat and listened to music, I forgot all about the pain,” said Goldman, who walked with assistance during the hearing.– REUTERS, Aug. 1, 1991.

Sen. Harry Reid: “Music helps all types of people to remain forever young.” He noted that Congress had never before “directly addressed the question of music” as preventive medicine and as “a therapeutic tool for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, strokes and depression.”
– SUPERIOR, WI Telegram, Aug. 14, 1991

May it comfort you and meet you where you are as well- for we all understand the pain of a broken heart.

I wish you much wholeness & help this week…and beyond.


(the video clip is from the moving Amazing Grace, from the Toronto Film Festival)