Can Music Change Your Life? Day 1 of 7

Can music change your life? Yes, I believe it can.

About a year and a half ago I started an experiment with myself. Music Therapy. This week I’ll post a different song each day that has met me where I am. I know how much words can impact us.

And, for me, music always speaks to me. I decided to flood my mind and heart with music that spoke to my desire to break free from the past & have LIFE. So, I would stay up into the night seeking those songs that spoke to my heart and where I was and wanted to be.

I updated my morning alarm to one song (posted below). I listened as much as I could at work with my ear buds on, in my car, in my living room, on my walks/jogs…anytime I could get the music in.

I connected, and sure enough – after about 1 month of this dedicated change of what I was putting into myself, I could feel my heart softening.

Of course, this was in addition to many other things I was doing as well – but, for a hardened heart, to connect is like sweet relief because there is still hope for me!

Music reaches me faster than anything.

These people say it so well (this information is found on the American Music Therapy Association site)

Ida Goldman (90-year-old testifying at Senate hearings):  “Before I had surgery, they told me I could never walk again. But when I sat and listened to music, I forgot all about the pain,” said Goldman, who walked with assistance during the hearing.– REUTERS, Aug. 1, 1991.

Sen. Harry Reid: “Music helps all types of people to remain forever young.” He noted that Congress had never before “directly addressed the question of music” as preventive medicine and as “a therapeutic tool for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, strokes and depression.”
– SUPERIOR, WI Telegram, Aug. 14, 1991

May it comfort you and meet you where you are as well- for we all understand the pain of a broken heart.

I wish you much wholeness & help this week…and beyond.


(the video clip is from the moving Amazing Grace, from the Toronto Film Festival)


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