Can Music Change Your Life? Day 3 of 7

“A badly tuned ukulele in a refugee camp would sound like a grand piano”.-Patch Adams (click to read more about Patch’s thoughts on Music Therapy)

Day 3’s song is The Alabaster Box by CeCe Winans. She sings of the story from Luke 7:36 – a woman who brings her box of costly oil kept in an alabaster box to pour on to the feet of Jesus. None of us know what pain she is facing, but her act of such humility is hard to not be touched by.

I discovered this song years ago, when I was learning what it meant to choose to praise in the midst of pain. We all have things that cost us much that we put into our boxes, and to have the courage to take them out – well, there is sacrifice in that.

Only we ourselves truly understand the strength it takes to share what we’ve stored for so long. And, the wisdom it takes to share it with someone strong enough to handle it all.


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