Can Music Change Your Life? Day 7 of 7

I can honestly say that music has changed my life and continues to do so. It has been a way for me to connect, or forget about my pain for a few minutes, or remember what is important to me.

I think that’s why flash mobs are so impacting. If you’ve ever watched one where they break out in song, eventually until they overtake the location with all these singers. You see total strangers stop – and engage. Sometimes smiling, sometimes crying – but most seeming to be moved. Music does that. It reaches inside and creates something beautiful if only for a few minutes. And, we forget what was bothering us.

Day 7 video is fittingly called “Beautiful Ending” by Barlow Girl. I hope you enjoy it.


One Comment

  1. Melissa
    I have enjoyed each one of your postings. I could not agree more about musice changing our lives. It can change our thoughts and that changes everything. Thank you for sharing.,

    I love you


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