What you see is what you get, right?

Have you ever met someone and thought, “Hmmm…what are you really about?”

Because they were elusive or unclear or in denial or – and this I think is probably more understandable – they just didn’t seem like they had come to terms with themselves yet. And, you’re in conversation with them, trying to hang in there, but you’re more and more unsettled because the words spoken just are not matching up. You can’t quite put your finger on it, or maybe you can.

But, in the end, you shy away.

I admit it. I was like that for a long time. Not in a deceiving way, but in a hey-I-think-I-see-myself-just-as-I-am kinda way. Boy, was I wrong.

I have learned to be who I seem to be. Which only meant facing who I truly was. Really, really seeing myself. Why I do things. What I actually do, not what I tell myself in my pretty head I do. You understand, I’m sure you do. It’s normal, after all.

I work in an eLearning role currently. It’s a lot of fun and I have the opportunity to write, do grown up drawing a.k.a. light graphic design, and work with incredibly smart people. Sometimes they deliver PowerPoint files to me and the title is something like, “Such and Such Overview.” And, I open it up, thinking what I see there is what I’ll be getting – an overview.

BAM! It’s chock FULL of rabbit trails, graphs, screen shots I cannot read and so many details it could hardly be called an overview. Now, I do not say this in any kind of criticizing way. I can hardly contain the flow of my own thoughts onto paper. I always commend these SME’s for being able to CAPTURE the lines of thought about a highly technical role and put it onto paper. Even if I am a little lost in reading it.

My challenge, should I accept it (which, of course, I do because I like the pretty, pretty paycheck): revise the training to truly be a what you see is what you get online experience. And, that our learners go away with an authentic education – meaning, expectations were set in the beginning introduction and supported throughout the modules. Not shying away.

Turns out, most learners are visual.

This helps explains the growing demand for online training in the first place. I mean, even in an instructor led training, don’t you get totally bored if they drone on and on with no visuals? Not a single picture or video?

That also explains why we are drawn to those people that are just real. They have no qualms about being themselves, they’ve accepted who they are and how they are, and without any pretense…they are present.

I have turned to Melody Ross, founder of www.thebravegirlsclub.com, on more than one day – why? Because she is authentic. What you see is what you get. And, I want to be more authentic. It’s such a beautiful place to be.

This is one of my favorite posts by Melody about marriage. Talk about wondering if what you see is what you get! http://www.melodyross.typepad.com/

And, now that my dog, Cleo, is persistently staring me down wanting my attention – I wish you well on your journey of being authentic.


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