a poet’s portfolio


photo credit: pfv. via photopin cc

A Poet’s Portfolio

“In the winding of the day, as thoughts become my lists,

I settle into the comfort that my heart’s words will persist.

Confronting defeat with power and skill,

Never allowing my faith to sit still.

It’s a lonely walk when I am looking for my way,

Wandering the trail, turning my back on dismay.

While in the quiet the loudness abounds

Of the questions invading the peace that surrounds.

Examining my heart to read its script,

Thankful for the pages left unripped,

Noting their tones of suffering and doubt,

A thread of resilience soon stands out.

As the stories pour forth scars and mistakes,

Soon it is clear where my little heart aches.

A faint flutter of foreshadowing is there,

A picture being painted of what’s worn from the tears.

A ragged edged line from my pain to the strain,

Softens so slightly, as the sharp gaps are tamed.

In the calming of my urge to valiantly ignite

A powerful plot against the evils in the night,

Runs a golden stream of peace and release.

Where the wicked schemes are overcome

By the only Hand that can undo what was done

But, not in the way my cravings cried for

Yet, in an inexplicable way that miraculously restored.

Gave back to my soul what was stolen for lust,

And crumbled the enemy’s trods into dust.”

~Melissa Stroup, author

It is a beautiful moment, then day, then weeks, then months, then year – when you can look back at your life and see the transformation. I am fortunate to know God. To call Him my Redeemer. My portfolio is one filled with forgiveness, strain, struggle, suffering, joy, newness, love…

On your journey, never give up on your portfolio. It is unique to you. It’s your story, but also it’s what’s happened after your story. The next story. And, the one after that.

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