Never alone with a writer nearby

I’m sitting in my living room, laptop in tow, unable to sleep. It’s that quiet of the wee hours of the morning that I love. Where I have time to think, really think. No distractions. Nothing to get ready to do. A softness of life seems to live here in this time of day.

It’s just my favorite time to write and read.

Nothing especially interesting even happened. Or mysterious or curious. It was just a day. Yet, I’m thinking about it.

It occurred to me to turn on the t.v. But, I didn’t want to interrupt the peacefulness. The remnants of the day are rumbling around in my head. And, I am wide-eyed.

So, I started reading some blogs. I go to my daily ones: and

These are part of my Morning Coffee.

Which, by the way, if you use Mozilla Firefox this add on is so cool! ( You can establish the sites you’d like to see on a daily or weekly basis, and literally have your Morning Coffee reads while you have your morning coffee with the click of a button! It’s a great way to keep in front of me what I want to value.

After reading my regulars, I decide to check out some new bloggers in the WordPress world. Every time I do this it’s like going to the library! Or Barnes and Noble. So many wonderful things to read I hardly know where to start!

I’m a book lover. Always have been, probably always will be. There’s something wonderful to me about going into a used book store especially. Like the books could not only tell stories, but they’ve been places. They’ve already been in peoples’ hands, been in their homes, traveled…been read. I always wonder about the people who have read a book before me. What were they like? Like me?

As a child, I really never was alone as long as I had a book. I would even walk home from school with my Nancy Drew hard covers in tow. Hardly looking up to miss stumbling. But, I didn’t care, I just had to know how the story was going. And, how in the world it would end.

Or when I would visit my great grandmother John in the summer. I always had two things with me: books and music. Nancy Drew hard cover books to be more exact. That were my mom’s when she was younger. Grandma John would tuck me in and turn out the light. I’d wait until I heard her bedroom door close so I could turn on my bedside lamp and keep reading! Oh, it was so much fun!

I still do that. Only now, I read on my phone of tablet. But, my husband will come to bed and I’ll turn off our lamp. And, get under the covers and read to my heart’s content.

f82db15af3c293f11a5e3f17a3d83a02I was always so grateful someone took the time to write out these stories! Yes, especially Carolyn Keene. Even though Carolyn Keene was not a real person (spoiler alert!,  the ghost writers that penned under that name – my childhood was so rich in mystery because of you!

It was Mildred A. Wirt Benson, who breathed such a fiesty spirit into Nancy's character. Mildred wrote 23 of the original 30 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

It was Mildred A. Wirt Benson, who breathed such a fiesty spirit into Nancy’s character. Mildred wrote 23 of the original 30 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

These people, bloggers, writers, novelists – they keep me going. Keep feeding my imagination, opening my thoughts up to new things, or helping me revisit things in a different way. Perspective – fresh and sincere. Helping me escape reality. I mean come on, don’t we all have enough reality!

I can’t believe how far writing has come.  We are still young in our blog efforts, only making our appearance in the 1990’s, but we sure did come out of the gate in full force!

Thank you internet for allowing us to shoot our words into the network. And, hope that some like minded soul finds a little more of themselves in us. So, we are never alone.

indexFor fellow Nancy Drew sleuths, some interesting blogs to read:

And, if you love casual gaming and Nancy Drew, then this is the best of both!


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