Day 1 of write a novel in 30 days? What?! NaNoWriMo Challenge is ON!

It’s official.

This is the coolest writing challenge I’ve ever seen.

And, I’ve picked up my pen, ahem, keyboard and accepted the challenge.

Click here to read about it! National Novel Writing Month Site (NaNoWriMo)

Day 1 of this 30 day challenge began yesterday, November 1st. Writers are to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Which creates a novel – what?! Seriously?!

Why had I never heard of this? So, on 10/31 I signed up. And, enlisted a good friend to do so, too. You know us crazies like to have buddies on the ride with us.

If you are a writer and want inspiration, fine tuning of your skills – check it out!

I’ll be posting daily updates in case any one is interested in what this experience is like.  Day 1 for me started off with me being sick – ugh. And, had to work. So, how can someone who works full time figure out how to write 1667 words a day?? I’ll find out.

Luckily, yesterday evening, my internet stopped working. I say luckily, because I was watching Hulu and probably would’ve done so the rest of the night. So, what else could I do but get started?

I kind of had a storyline in mind, but did I have the guts to write it? It’s intense and real. After watching some of the inspirational videos at NaNoWriMo and reading the Pep Talk email from James Patterson – I agreed, I needed to write with abandon and freedom. I mean, no one has to read it unless I want them to, and it’s not like I think I’ll be published. And, Nancy Drew’s already been done. Darn.

So, with a cup of coffee in hand, dog happily fed and walked, window cracked open for some fresh air – I hunkered down in my bedroom, lamps for my lighting, soft music in the other room – and started hitting the keyboard. I barely looked up once through the first 600 words! Wow, I thought, heyyyyy, that’s not too hard. Am I fooling myself? Am I in the honey moon stage? Who knows. All I know is once I had an outline and got started – BAM!

Of course, I cheekily Facebooked my writing buddy and bragged of my great start! Not fair to her, it was her birthday yesterday so she had been going in 20 directions. I didn’t have the same kind of fun distractions since I was sick and just laying down anyways. Left with my thoughts – might as well write stuff down.

At the end of Day 1, I am proud and to report I completed 2,102 words. WOW! I knew I had a lot to say, but didn’t know I had so much to say.

This is the great WordPress post that sparked my interest – give it a read! It’s not too late to join the fun. Thank you, Ben Huberman at the Daily Post of WordPress!

Interested in joining? It’s not too late. Here’s a breakdown of the word count to aim for tailored to your lifestyle:

That’s all for now – got to save my words for NaNoWriMo!


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