NaNoWriMo – Week two, not throwing in the towel!

How was this week of writing for the cool NaNoWriMo contest? Let me tell you what I’ve learned about myself this week:

  • I LOVE BREAKS! No, I mean, I live for them. I will do just about as hard a work as I can produce as long as I know when the break is – otherwise, no way, man. It’s not happening. I will melt down into child tantrum fashion internally panicking if I can’t see the light at the end of my working tunnel. Mature, huh. The only reason I’m comfortable sharing this embarrassing fact is because I see mature adults do just as embarrassing things every day. So, I’m not alone – right?
  • I am my best writing self when I’m irritated with someone or upset. And, this week, a lot of people were irritating me, so I should be…thankful? Huh?
  • The more I write about what I know (which is like the Cardinal rule of writing, right?), the more intense my story is because apparently I’m full of only dramatically intense emotions and experiences, thus meaning the more drained I am at the end of each chapter. I literally will hold my breath, and at the final sentence, sit back and breathe. And, say, “Whoo!” shaking my head as the adrenaline pumps through me. And, unlike my real experiences, I can’t very well try to talk to someone about how what I’m writing is something I may need counseling on, cause they would just be like, “Don’t write that, then.” You know, the old if your leg hurts when you move it that way, stop doing that.

I had a little vision of myself as a professional writer. Clothes mismatched, and the kind of clothes you could work out or sleep in, your choice. Of course, who are we kidding, who has time to workout when you’re writing? Hair in a forever pony tail sprouting out in the back and sides cause I keep adjusting it when I’m trying to figure out what to write. An endless cup of coffee by my side, so definitely a caffeine addict. Oh, and gotta have chocolate. So you know, the usual culprits, sugar and caffeine. Taking time to get up and move around only when my back hurts or my legs fall asleep because of how I’m sitting…or to walk the dog. Thank God for the dog, or I’d never go outside when I’m in the middle of writing.

And, the ever present, don’t talk to me right now I’m trying to write attitude.

This vision was the mirror.

This very much contradicted what I’ve always THOUGHT I’d look like as a writer. Something like Nancy Drew come to life with a touch of Meg Ryan from Sleepless in Seattle. You know, professional, yet stylish, hair just so but in a smart way. With a cool laptop at a cool desk in front of a cool window over looking the ocean.  Romantic, dreamy…Yeah, not so much.

Sigh…well, it ain’t pretty, but it’s honest. And, we can’t be pretty all the time, right?

Words so far: 13, 355

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