“It is finished.” She types melodramatically.


Despite the best efforts of my own self sabotage (meaning, I wanted to watch Christmas movies every day this month), or my keyboard on my laptop glitching out everytime I got to really pecking away on a chapter and I had to reboot, or just life in general – I HAVE FINISHED the NaNoWriMo contest!! (phew, wiping my brown, doing a happy dance!)

For all you people out there that others call “procrastinators,” or perhaps you call yourself that – it’s OK! Sometimes our best quality is needing a little pressure such as a 30 day deadline to write 50,000 words. Cause, seriously, no planner I know can do this. Just kidding, of course.

What I learned in the last 2 weeks:

  1. I did better if I focused on writing chapters instead of word count.
  2. Walks with my dog helped when I ever so dramatically yelled aloud, “I WILL NEVER FINISH THIS!! What else can I possible write?! Oh, this is the project that never ends!” As I fling my self on my keyboard and cry. Then, a step out the door with happy dog on my side, I’m like, “Oh! I could write about this, or this.” Yes, a little fresh air and oxygen does the mind good, but mostly I think it’s the love of my dog.
  3. Embarrassed to say I prayed more this month than I have in a long time – not really, but, um, yeah really.
  4. It dawned on me if I tell people I’m writing a book, they’ll want to read it – EGAD!
  5. I completely ignore things like um, dishes, cooking dinner, makeup when I’m in the zone. Thank goodness I have a loving husband that encouraged me not to worry about those things. Love that guy.
  6. I can do big things if I turn every piece of technology off and make myself sit still.
  7. I can’t believe what a motivation it is to be able to enter the exclusive “Winner’s Page” on the NaNoWriMo site – only when you paste in at least 50,000 words do you get to go there! TOTALLY WORTH IT!

And, the big thing I learned: I’m way more dramatic than I realized. But, it’s good for a book!

So glad I’m done. I loved, loved, loved this journey. Many more to come. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here’s to your last Pumpkin Spice Latte and onto Peppermint Mochas!


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